The 'Complete Desktop' Support Package

Our SLA 2 package is the ultimate technology support plan. It includes all the support covered in our SLA 1 package as well as support for a much wider range of devices and equipment. We have tailored this package with the aim of supporting as much technology as possible in your organisation. 

We will provide peace of mind that we have every bit of your technology supported and configured along with the services they depend on. 


We offer full support for all of your Windows PC's, Laptops and netbooks - including their peripherals and connected devices.


We will ensure your devices are up to date and have the latest security patches installed. 

Old un-patched operating systems present a significant security risk - so it's one of our top priorities. 

Software Licencing / Installation

Need new software or volume licensing

We work closely with select partners to ensure our customers receive the best value for money.

We will install any licenced software on your computers as part of the support plan. 


We provide support for new or existing Windows Servers. Including any critical services, manage your users, accounts and directories.


At iTeach, we know that all organisations have to manage and maintain large amounts of data.  We understand that it's how your data is stored, secured and shared is vitally important. 

Your data is valuable, so we will ensure your it is kept safe and secure. Scheduled regular backups will prevent human error and provide peace of mind.

We will create a custom backup solution that's robust and regularly maintained. So you know that your data is safe.


Network Attached Storage

We can install the latest in Network Attached Storage devices at your school. A custom NAS solution configured with the latest in RAID technology offering data protection and disk fault tolerance. All fully scheduled with daily backups to keep your data safe and secure. Mirrored units will also provide super fast recovery in the event of failure.


We will configure your new NAS so that it can be accessed from virtually all of your devices. Including any PC's, Laptops, Macs, MacBooks and iPads. 


Choose from a range of storage options, with larger models offering the ability to expand storage in the future. 


Popular Configurations

4 TB
8 TB
12 TB
16 TB


We will support your smartboards, and configure your devices with the necessary software to make them interactive. We have a number of solutions that will enable you to mirror all your devices to your boards wirelessly. 


A printing solution that is not fit for purpose will lead to unnecessary costs and can impact productivity.  With an iTeach SLA you can be sure of expert advice and a solution that works.  We support all makes and models of printing devices. 

Speak to us about account tracking software like Papercut.

Contact us today to see how our Support Services can help transform your school.