Ministry of Defence

At iTeach we are committed to brining the the best IT Solutions, Products and Services to our customers and all sectors we engage with. Having previously worked with numerous Local Government Authorities, Public Services and the Ministry of Defence we are confident in our ability to meet the demands of these unique sectors. 

We offer a range of services and products that are tailored to the specific needs and requirements of these unique sectors.

To find out more about what iTeach can offer, speak to one of our specialist MOD officers. 

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Prowise in Ministry of Defence

Prowise solutions are used worldwide in the modern classroom. As well as being the ideal choice for Primary Education, Secondary Education and Higher Education classrooms, Prowise Touchscreens and educational software Prowise Presenter are frequently used in the Ministry of Defence (MOD) training environments.


The Ministry of Defence consists of the Royal Navy, British Army and Royal Air Force. Together they protect the security, independence and interests of our country at home and abroad.


iTeach are proud to be the official Prowise Partner for Wales.


Prowise has revolutionised the way the Infantry are taught. Having the ability to interact with the students throughout the lesson means that they are constantly engaged, which is a world ahead of the old didactic PowerPoint presentations of yester year. Testimony to how big the impact of Prowise is: every other organisation that has seen Prowise being used at the ITC has then determined a need for Prowise in their location to revamp how they deliver training.

Captain Ian Morris



The Future of Touchscreens

Prowise Central is the operating system of your touchscreen. Software that is specially developed to be compatible with our hardware. Fully optimise all the features you use on a daily basis in an a secure environment.

Unique features

Screen sharing of all devices

App Store with Microsoft Office apps

Create your own apps

Whiteboard software Integrated lift control

Free software updates (OTA)



Create your own interactive lessons and presentations for free.  With the built in media library you'll have everything in hand to teach your classroom anything. The Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) software Prowise Presenter is packed with educational content, including 3D models and videos.

Prowise Presenter software is fully interactive with the student devices through a free downloadable application on both iOS and Android. This allows the instructor to fault check and support the learners within the classroom environment. Instructors can individually tailor their lessons to suit all learning styles with ease which saves on lesson preparation time. When tilted horizontally, the boards can be used for planning, this has allowed the instructor to save the learners workings which is then used during any feedback.

Captain G Swaby