The 'Mobile Device' Support Package

This package is an all-round mobile device solution, that covers everything

from the planning and configuration of your devices - to setting up the required services needed to make your deployment successful.




Deploying iPads is our speciality and we know it can be a daunting task for our customers. We'll take care of everything to make your deployment as smooth and effortless as possible.

 This will include:


Device & App Planning 

MDM Setup and Configuration 

VPP Application and Setup

DEP Enrollment

Apple School Manager Setup (ASM)

Google for Education Application and Configuration


Create & deploy device Restrictions & Security Policies

Customised Wallpapers including School Branding


App Configuration - Setup File Sharing 

Setup access to Cloud Services


App Deployment 


Restrictions & Settings


We will configure and deploy custom device restrictions and settings over the air to your devices. Implementing and deploying new security features to your devices as soon as they become available. 

We will also give the option to have different security settings deployed to different groups of devices. Allowing you greater control over over which users can access certain services or features on the devices.


Apps can be installed and removed over the air. If you need a new App for a lesson - just let us know and we will apply the licences to your VPP account and deploy the Apps to your iPads over the air. 



Unlike the majority of tech support companies, we love Mac computers! 


Specialities include:


Creating and deploying customized Mac Images

Custom settings based on users or departments

Software Installation and Licensing

System Restrictions and Security Policies

Domain Integration AD and Authentication

Data Encryption and Backup Solutions

OS Updates / Upgrades



Mac Server

Having a Mac Server is an inexpensive way to preserve precious bandwidth for any Mac or iOS environment.  The features below are a must!

Configure iOS and Mac Caching Services

Setup and deploy Profile Manager

Custom File Sharing solutions for iOS and Mac

Network Backup

Imaging Tools & Software

Server OS / Service Updates

Apple TV

AirPlay setup for iOS and OS X Mirroring


Device configuration / Installation 

Netowrk Configuration / WiFi Setup

Configure Restrictions 

OS Updates



Have your device up on the big screen. We will configure and support all of your Apple TV's





Chromebook support is included as standard with all of our Support Packages. If you have existing Chromebooks and would like us to show you how to get the most out of them. Then please do get in touch.


If it's your first time deploying Chromebooks we will:


Setup Google G Suite

Configure Google Cloud Printing 

Configure Online Resources

Deploy custom wallpapers - Organisation branding

Deploy device settings to create a seamless experience​



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