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iTeach Training
Google for Education Training & Support

We are delighted to announce our new curriculum support service

Get in touch with us to arrange a free consultation and let us help your school take advantage of the latest technology in the classroom. 


Our iTeach+ training package covers the DCF (Digital Competency Framework) and the EAS ICT Skills framework. 


The training includes aspects of Coding - delivered via a mixture of platforms and  Apps (Scratch, Hopscotch, Bloxels) Spreadsheets and Databases.

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Setup Google

For Education

User Account Setup

Device Configuration

Included with our onsite training we also offer assistance with the setup of Googles G Suite Apps on classroom devices, configuration of your Google services. 

Relevant Topic Training

Our training programme can be delivered using the current topics within classes. This helps students engage and educators to incorporate the techniques in to future lessons.

 Cross Platform Support

We want our training to be accessible to as many schools and customers as possible. We also know that not all schools use the same hardware or devices.  


Thats why the training we offer can be run across a wide range of devices.


Anyone with an iPad, Mac, Windows laptop / PC or Chromebook will be able to access and use the tools we setup. 






Apps & Tools


The training includes aspects of Coding - delivered via a mixture of platforms and includes working with a selection of Apps.


Staff and/or pupils will be guided on coding aspects such as, how to create Algorithms, identify repetitions and loops, create Flowcharts. They will also be shown how to use a simplified programming unit (e.g. Scratch) and use code to move characters and allow them to interact.


They will create their own code and debug this if their program is not working as they intended. Coding training can be tailored to your current class Topic.


Data & Information Literacy

Training will be implemented through the use of Spreadsheets and Databases using a range of Apps such as Excel, Sheets and Hwb.


Delivery can be across platforms including Chromebooks, iPads and PCs. Staff and pupils will be supported through creating a Spreadsheet and Database, then sorting and filtering, create graphs and add formulae.


We are a..


Meet the Google Apps Family

A suite of productivity tools to help students and teachers interact seamlessly across devices.

Training will include support to set up your users and Domain and how to upload and save items in Google Drive. We will provide ideas on how to work collaboratively utilising the G Suite Apps and distribute assignments amongst Staff and Pupils.

Work anywhere, anytime, and on any device with G Suite for Education. The tools encourage collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking, and let teachers work one-on-one or with the whole class Setup and management is simple and these cloud-based tools scale easily across classrooms

Educators can provide instant feedback and track a student’s progress to improve performance

Google Classroom

Meet the classroom of the future. 

Google Classroom streamlines assignments, boosts collaboration, and promotes seamless communication to make teaching more productive and meaningful. 

Our Google Certified Educator will guide your staff and pupils on how take advantage of Google Classroom and incorporate the DCF framework. 

With Google Classroom, educators can create classes, distribute assignments, send feedback, and see everything in one place. Instant. Paperless. Easy.


Have our expert trainer visit your school or Institution. 

Get in touch to arrange a free consultation.

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