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LEGO Education Training Day

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Jack Rowlands

LEGO Trainer / Technical Co-Ordinator

We are delighted to announce our new Lego Training package that is being delivered by iTeach's Lego Trainer - Jack Rownlands. Jack has worked in the Primary Education sector for over 10 years, and has  hands on experience delivering sessions on the DCF Curriculum.

Jack has entered the First Lego League multiple times with several schools, which is held every year global event with over 110 Countries taking part. If you think your school has what it takes - get in touch and speak to us today about Lego Education in your school.


We offer Full or Half day sessions for Pupils and or Staff. We recommend 3 hours per session.


On the Day

 Introduction to Lego Spike

Overview of equipment

Building & programming basics

Explore sensors & motors

Workshop - Problem solving

Group discussion - Challenges & Successes




Lego Spike is an innovative tool that combines the fun of building with the learning of coding. It is effective to use in primary schools because it provides an engaging and interactive way for students to develop skills in problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity.


 Cross Platform Support

We want our training to be accessible to as many schools and customers as possible. We also know that not all schools use the same hardware or devices.  


The training we offer can be run across a wide range of devices.


Anyone with an iPad, Mac, Windows laptop / PC or Chromebook will be able to use them on the Lego course. Making it easily accessible to everyone.



Through building and programming robots using Lego Spike, students are able to understand the basics of coding and how to apply it in real-life situations. Lego Spike promotes teamwork and collaboration, as students work together to design and create their own robots.


Lego Spike encourages students to explore STEM subjects, and its hands-on approach to learning can help to spark an interest in these fields. By using Lego Spike in primary schools, students can develop important skills that will benefit them in their future education and careers.

We offer a range of Lego Spike set that can be purchased for use on Training days. Sets available to purchase through us include:

  • Lego Education Spike Essential

  • Lego Education Spike Prime

  • BricQ for Primary & Secondary




Have our Expert LEGO Trainer visit your school.

Get in touch to see how Lego Education can help inspire and transform learning in your school.

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