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The secure alternative to visitor books and time sheets. Record the movement of people on site with one of the world's fastest growing visitor management apps.

Sign In App is a modern, enjoyable way to sign in visitors. Create a positive impression from the moment guests walk into your reception.


As your visitors sign in, their details are stored in a secure online portal providing you with a real-time fire list and reports. Join the ever growing list of iTeach Customers now signing in with the Sign In App Visitor Management System.







Total control of your data

Having total control of your data is more important than ever. Personal, identifiable data is inevitably captured during any sign in process.

GDPR Compliant

Control the data you collect

Show your privacy policy

Privacy options

Making sure you have an accurate record of everyone in the building is essential to safeguard your visitors’ safety. Sign In App allows you to do this without compromising their privacy.

A live view of who's on site

Safety and security is a principle concern for parents, staff and governing bodies, with schools holding the ultimate responsibility of knowing who is on site at all times.


In an educational environment, many people come and go throughout the day, so it is crucial for schools to practice strict safety protocols to ensure everyone remains safe.


Sign In App provides you with a real-time view of everyone on site.

Your fire list, where ever

As a cloud service, Sign In App’s fire list can be accessed from anywhere, reducing the time it takes to evacuate the building.


No more printing fire lists, or collecting manual visitor books and time sheets.


The real-time evacuation list is available immediately on a smartphone or any internet connected device.

Sign In App is secure

Sign In App is committed to ensuring the security of your data.

We are ISO27001 accredited for Information Security Management and are continually introducing features to help you manage your staff and visitor privacy and security.


Improve security on site

With quick and inexpensive badge printing for visitors included with the Sign In App full package, you can easily ensure everyone on site has registered first at reception.


Visitor badges are branded with the school logo and can include a visitor photo to verify their identity.


You can also include and section important information such as DBS status and who they’re visiting.

Multiple sites

Powerful multi-site visitor management in one easy to use portal. Customise the visitor experience for each site while maintaining a global staff list for simple staff sign in.


As useful as it is to manage sites centrally, it’s important that your visitor history is kept separate. All visitor reports are run on a site by site basis, including the Today and History screens on the online portal.


Sign In App centralises data where it’s useful, and keeps it separate where it makes sense.




School Branding  

  Visitors Photo  

  QR Code for easy sign out  

  Sticky badge option  


Pre-Register Visitors - Make a great first impression

Fire / Evacuation - Access on any mobile device

Policies and NDA's - Read and accept important policies

Notifications - Be notified when guests arrive

QR Codes - The fastest way to sign in and out

Companion App - Available for iPhone and Android

Custom Fields - Ask for the information you need

Mobile Sign In - Sign in using your mobile phone

Visitor Photos - Take photos with the built in came

Visitor Badges - Print visitor badges as they sign in

Badge Builder - Customise the design of Visitor Badges

Online Portal - Monitor your sites online

Multiple Sites - Manage them all centrally

Privacy Built In - Comply with GDPR

Company Branding - Use all your own logos and branding


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