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1:1 iPad Deployment

Updated: Jun 27

iTeach recently carried out a 1:1 Pupil iPad deployment at a Ysgol Brynteg, South Wales.

1-to-1 iPad deployments are a popular way to provide students with access to technology in the classroom. With a 1-to-1 iPad deployment, each student is assigned their own iPad that they can use for learning and productivity.

There are many benefits to 1-to-1 iPad deployments. For students, 1-to-1 iPads can help them learn more effectively and efficiently. iPads can be used for a variety of tasks, such as taking notes, completing assignments, and accessing online resources. Additionally, 1-to-1 iPads can help students stay organised and on track with their schoolwork.

For teachers, 1-to-1 iPad deployments can help them create more engaging and interactive lessons. iPads can be used to create multimedia presentations, videos, and games that can help students learn more effectively

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